Continuing Education

Sacred Wandering is very proud that it was once approved by the NCBTMB to provide Continuing Education in the Massage industry (Provider Number 451236-10), however, we have not pursued recertification due to lack of interest in our area. We have therefore let our providership expire.


We are in the process of redeveloping several of our classes as well as working very hard to bring you the latest information on our courses. We thank you for your patience while this site is redeveloped.



The Courses at Sacred Wandering

Continuing Education

Continuing education plays a critical role in our continued growth. Massage practitioners must engage in a certain number of CE hours as madated by the State of Wisconsin. Our courses offer alternatives for the massage professional looking to introduce other modalities into their practice or who are looking to grow as a practitioner.

Please let us know how we can assist your transformation.

Not Just For Massage Professionals

"I see a course I'd like to take, but I'm not a massage professional." ~ Of course you can take our courses. We are open to every person at every level, and welcoming to all who are inside and outside of the massage industry. If you would like to take our courses just to better yourself or expand on what you know already, then we hope you too will feel right at home.

Our certification through the NCBTMB ensures that you too will receive the highest care in our classes.

Our Instructors

Our current independent contractor taught at the college level in Tucson, Arizona and was instrumental in helping develop the wellness portion of the massage program for Pima Community College. She works tirelessly to bring both a scientific and transformational process to the courses.


Together with our other independent contractor, our instructors have more than 50 years combined experience in the Energywork Industry, and they love to share and pass on what they have learned to others, who like them, have an appitite for knowledge. They also love learning from their students who help them grow and evolve in this field.

If you would like to know more about our current instructor, please look at: Jan's bio.