Welcome to our new site. We are in the process of moving Sacred Wandering / Sacred Path Practitioner’s website to a new service engine, WordPress, and will be updating all of our pages in the next few weeks.  Please check back often as we will make all our changes happen live and in real time, so parts of the site may start to appear before we’ve finished the updates. There will be some new sections and a couple other surprises.

We believe individual differences are blessings
universally dancing in light,
mingling and gathering together in mystery and love;
where compassion and love evolve into a higher connection
and oneness with the Divine.

We welcome you to a place where diversities are celebrated and differences are welcomed on your faith journey. Come as you are, who you are, and where you are to gather in a place of peace and light.

“I Am!” “I Am!” “We Are!” “We Are!” Let’s gather in a place of peace to create an atmosphere where dreams can be realized.

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